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How to make own rats [ cybergat ]

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Heart How to make own rats [ cybergat ]

Post  slowdeath on Thu Dec 20, 2012 3:20 pm

Tools Needed For Make Your Own RAT

2.CyberGate v.104-
3.No-IP Client-

First go to and click "Create Account". After you have registered and confirmed your account Log in.

After you have logged In, Click on "Add Host"

Once you click on that page it should redirect you to another page and follow what I've put in.
Hostname: Is what your Hostname will be.

Then after you've done what I've said click "Create Host"

Okey now you have your own host! Now we need to get the no-ip client

No-Ip Client

Click to download the No-Ip Client.

Now install it and log in with your No-Ip Account.

Once you log in it should look like this.

Now click the box next to your No-IP host. When you do it should look like mine.

Okay, now your done with your No-IP Host/Client. Time to setup your RAT.

RAT Setup

Download Rat From This Thread,There is the link for it by mr.administrator Laughing

After you download it extract it to your desktop and open CyberGate 1.04

Now click on: "Control Center" > "Start". Then click on "Options" > "Select listening ports"

1. Once your there you will see a box with a arrow pointing to the left <--
2. Put a port in the box and click the arrow. I'm going to be using 3737.
3. After you've done that make your "Connections limit" 10,000.
4. Then make your password something simple like "cybergate"
Note: Your listening port password must be the same as your server password.
Then click "Save".

Now let's build your server!

Building Server

1. Click "New"
2. Then when a box pops up put whatever you want in that box example: Peek.
3. Now your username should in the box on the left like mine: Peek
4. Click "Forward"

1. Click "Add" and put in <-- Put your port instead of mine if your using another port.
Then click "Ok"
2. Click "Add" and put in your <-- Put your port instead of mine if your using another port.
Then click "Ok" So mine would be:
3. Leave Identification at what it is no need to change it.
4. Under Identification it should say Password.
Put whatever password you put into your listening port password.
They must be the same like my listening port and server password are "cybergate".
[Image: 286ycfp.jpg]

Now click Installation.

1. Click "Install server"
2. Click "System" that's under "Installation directory"
3. Click "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\..\Run"
4. Click "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\..\Run"
5. Click "Policies\Explorer\Run"
6. Click "Active Setup" and click "Random" 5-10 times.
7. Under directory on the right side of the screen leave it as install.
8. For file name put "Svchost.exe"
9. Leave "inject into" how it is.
10. Click "Persistence" & "Hide file" & "Change creation date".
11. For Mutex click "Random" 5-10 times.

After that click on "Create Server" since everything after Installation is fine how it is.

You've create your server! Yay!

Now we need to do Portfowarding.


1. Go to Start > Run > CMD and in CMD type: Ipconfig.
2. Look for "Default Gateway" Or "Standard Gateway".
It's usually
3. Now open up your Internet Browser (Firefox, chrome, internet explorer etc.) and put in your default gateway number (the 10 numbers).
4. Now login (Router: Username and Password)
5. You should be at your router page. Look for Portforwarding or Applications and gaming. - It's different since we have different routers those are just two examples
6. Now once your at your Portfowarding page put in the following.
-Application- "CyberGate"
-Start- Your port #Example: 3737
-End- Your port #Example: 3737
-Protocol- Click "Both" you need "TCP" and "UDP" for your rat to work.
-IP Address- put in the last 3 numbers of your IP address you can find this
by going to start>run>cmd>type in ipconfig and find IP address should be the first one.
-Enable- Click the box.

7. Now click "Save" and "Apply".
8. Go to and put in the port you are going to use and press "Check"
9. If it says "Success: I can see your service on [Your IP] on port (Your Port)

Your ISP is not blocking port (Your port).

You have successfully Port Forwarded and built your rat + server now you can start to spread your server.

And use any crypter for FUD(no anti-virus detecting)

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