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Atma Fastest Bann Bot v.1.9 After Nimbuz 2nd update

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Heart Atma Fastest Bann Bot v.1.9 After Nimbuz 2nd update

Post  slowdeath on Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:18 pm

this is new software too ban the flood it is one of the fastest flood banner softwares so enjoy below al commnds are given use from server for better results

bot commands
make a new bot >> new@id@password@room_name@room_password@master_bot@t or f
t=invisible mod
f = online mod
ab@t enable auto ban mod
ab@f disible auto ban mod
rst@* restart the bot
off@* tyrn off the bot
av@t auto visitor mod enable
av@f auto visitor mod disible
m@nick name give moderatr
me@nick name give member
k@nickname kick
b@nick name ban
p@nick name give participent
n@nick name give none
a@nick name give admin
o@nick name give owner
am@t auto member mod enable
am@f auto member mod disible
ak@t auto kick mod enable
ak@f auto kick mod disible
add@nick name add person command
pm@message send a message
id?@1@100 ?id@1@100 id?flood@1@100 for ban all series idis
r@t resource baner enable
rs@flood id resorce
r@f resource baner disible
w@t wellcom message enable
w@f wellcom message disible
f@word filter bad word
fc@* filter word list clear
chg@new master bot pass
ag@nick_name#wlc message special wlc to special user ?hn13bbyxqxtv52a

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