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Best Unique Nokia secret Hack codes

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Heart Best Unique Nokia secret Hack codes

Post   on Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:29 pm

Hey friends, today i will share with you the best Best Nokia hack codes/ These codes provide some interesting and unique information to Nokia Phone users, some of these codes unlock hidden functions. Secret hacks code are mainly beneficial in knowing your device properly. What else you can do just from calling and messaging from your mobiles. If you wish to unlock your Nokia Phone then read this article: Unlock Nokia Phone.

Note:Not all Nokia phones support all codes, so please don't complain if any of the hack code doesn't work on your mobile device.

Universal Nokia Hack Codes:
These are called universal because these hack codes works on almost all Nokia mobile phones.

*#06# Displays the IMEI (Standard GSM command, works on all phones)
Information you get from the IMEI-

*TAC = Type approval code
*FAC = Final assembly code
*SNR = Serial number
*SP = Spare

*#0000# Displays the firmware version and date
Information you get from the Software revision-

*1ST Line = Software revision
*2ND Line = The date of the software release
*3RD Line = Phone type

*#92702689# *#war0anty# Here you can view the S/N and the IMEI as well as the life timer (newer models). The date the phone left the factory and the date it was purchased. If your phone has been repaired the date of the repair is also visible. You will need to turn the phone off to exit this menu. Newer phones simply require you to press ok.

To check weather your SIM Card supports clock stopping type- *#746025625# (*#SIM0CLOCK#)

The following codes are specific to older series Nokia(40 series) Mobile phones:
Entering the following codes will restart the phone.

Note: If main code doesn't work try the alternate one given in brackets for each code. As on some devices standard code works and in some alternate only might work.

*4720# (*hra0#) Activates Half Rate, Half Rate is 5.6kbit/s and uses half the bandwidth at the cost of call quality. Network operators often activate half rate on overloaded towers during peak times to save costs.
#4720# (#hra0#) Deactivates Half Rate
*3370# (*efr0#) Activates Enhanced Full Rate, EFT attempts to match wire quality. The calls are 12.2kbit/s and are not supported by all operators. It is compatibale with the hightest AMR mode.
#3370# (#efr0#) Deactivates Enhanced Full Rate
*#746085685# (*#sim0clock#) Display the SIM clock status

Phone Specific Codes:
The following codes are phone specific or phase related.

*#7220# (*#pca0#) Activate the GPRS PCCCH support (Packet Common Control Channel)
*#7230# (*#pcd0#) Deactivate the GPRS PCCCH support
*#7760# (*#ssn0#) Display the manufacturing serial number

This only works on the 3310 and 3330:

*#67705646# (*#opr0logo#) Clear the operator logo, the logo will be reset to the default network operator logo.

The following codes work on newer series 40 & series 60/80 phones:

*#2820# (*#bta0#) Display the Bluetooth MAC address (Phone must have a built in bluetooth adapter)
*#7370925538# (*#res0wallet#) Reset the mobile wallet (Phone must have the mobile wallet feature)
*#7370# (*#res0#) Soft-format the memory (Symbian)
*#7780# (*#rst0#) Reset to factory defaults, confirmation required (also known has a Hard-format), all phone contents will be wiped clean including contacts and smses if they are stored on the phone.

I hope you all have enjoyed these Secret hack codes. If you have any doubt ask in form of comments.


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