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HOW TO: Make your computer talk like Iron man's Jarvis

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Heart HOW TO: Make your computer talk like Iron man's Jarvis

Post  slowdeath on Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:48 pm

You Must have Watched The Movie "IRON MAN","The Avengers" and Tony Stark's Talking Computer "jarvis". Despite being busy, i saw the movie "iron" few months ago and since then I was thinking to make something like "Jarvis"

The project development on "human computer interface" and "Gestural interface" has already been started by my side, which are capable of having feature like voice recognition,gestural interfaces. Some of those projects have been partially developed and working in desired manner, but few features and modules are yet to implement and on their way of completion in very short span of time.

Jarvis is totally based on Artificial intelligence aka Artificial Brain. Eventually, we can't such a huge artificial brain by using these following steps because of the simplicity and efficiency of this project. But I can make you assure that after this you make your computer talk, and this will be your first interestingly step in the world of Artificial intelligence. And later, you can go in more deeper as soon as you'll come to know its depth.So Lets start with your first step in this world with this example :

Example 1 :

Give a Name to your Computer Like "Jarvis" and when you'll say "Jarvis" it will reply "Hello sir" or "Hello Mr. (Your Name)".


You : Who are you ??

Computer : I'm chitti The robo Speed, 1 terahertz, memory, one zettabyte

(Just Like Rajnikanth's Moive "robot", (Enthiran) in Tamil.)

Example 2 :

YOU: Good Morning Jarvis !

COMPUTER : Good Morning Mr. Stark ! how are you Today !

So, Little wondering how these things going to work out ? Here you can transform your wondering into reality. Follow these codes :

Example 1 :


Hello Mr. STark

Example 2 :

Good Morning Jarvis

Good Morning Sir. how are you today

Further, more you can use these lines of codes for Shutting down Computer :

Nuke it

Restarting Windows

To make it more intresting and realastic you need a bit knwoledge of VB.NET

here is one example


Give me the Time

What is the time

Tell me the time

What time is it

dim currentTime

currentTime = FormatDateTime(Time(), 1)

Application.Speak Time

Application.SetTextFeedback Time


now i have ms exel work then..

insert row above


insert row below


insert column before


insert column after


merge cells


split table


delte row

delte rows


delete column

delete columns


?show table properties


?show ?hide table gridlines


Track chnages in Music

next change {ALT}rh

accept change {ALT}rac

To click

?mouse click

if you need codes of any command leave comment below, and i will try to give you source codes.

How to Get Started ??
Things you need -
A microphone or internal Microphone
windows 7 and windows speech macros, download it from HERE

install it then make Macros to start work

Now open notepad and paste code in notepad

for example

Jarvis Hello Mr. STark

paste it and save as filename.WSRMac
.WSRMac extention is must for it,
then Goto your WSRMac file and click on
Now click on "import signing Cerificate" and automaticly it will save a digital signature for it.

Now open Speech recognition

Now Give Your Instructions, you can minizmise to hide this window


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