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How to change Admin password at School or Anywhere

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Heart How to change Admin password at School or Anywhere

Post  Vampire_lady on Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:55 pm

Note: I haven't yet tried this method at school
yet, as i have School holidays. And BIOS is
probably disabled in many schools. I have tried
it on my own computer and it worked.
NOTE 2: Sorry for the bad english, english is not
my first language. 1. Shut down the computer completely
2. When starting up press the F2 key
repeatedly as it starts up.
3. You should hopefully be met with a screen
like this, or atleast something like this.

4. Use the arrow keys to scroll right and stop
when you hit the security tab.
5.Go to The admin password section.

6. Press enter
7. Type in the new password
8. Press esc and choose "Save And Exit"
9. Wait for the computer to boot up
10. Type in the admin account name and
password. 11. Voila! You have admin access. Remember
to use this discreetly, as the tech team can see
the new accounts, and password changes.
And DO NOT go off bragging to someone about
this, as you could end up in big trouble.


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