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SpyNet 2.6 Tutorial

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Heart SpyNet 2.6 Tutorial

Post  slowdeath on Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:50 pm

A RAT is a Remote Administration/Access Tool. Have you every used Team Viewer? Well, Team Viewer is basically a legal RAT. With Spy-Net you are able to do the following things:
See slave's Webcam
Control slave's PC
Delete/Run/Copy & Paste slave's Files
KeyLog and Steal Passwords
Scam Them, and Earn $$$
What you need:
NO-IP Account
Spy-Net v2.6
Port Forwarded Router *IMPORTANT* - Without this, you can not use this RAT. You can use a VPS or other programs/servers to bypass the PortForwarding. (Look up some tutorials.)
Crypter (Optional) - Without this, if the slave has a Anti-Virus installed, you will fail. There are some free crypters, but they are not fully FUD.

1. Go to
2. Next to User Login, click Create New Account.
3. Click Sign Up for free account.
4. I am sure you know how to do a simple registration process, so put your details, you can use Fake Name Generator, if you don't want to, but it doesn't matter.
5. Confirm your e-mail.
6. Now, go here, and put this info:

Info You Should Wrote: Wrote:
HostName: YourName |
Host Type: DNS Host (A)
IP Address: Keep the Same
Assign to Group: Keep the Same

Don't touch anything else.

7. Once you made a host, write down your details in Notepad.

Info You Should Remember Wrote: Wrote:

8. Now, Go here, and click Windows. The DUC will now download, click on it and install it. Now login in to it with the details you wrote down. (You will only need your password and e-mail.) Once it started, minimize it and don't touch it any more. Without this, there will be no RAT.


1. Go to, and click on your router and choose any game/application. PortForward the port "100".

RAT Setup & Download

1. To download my Spy-Net do the following:

Post here, and download here.

Once you have the file, open it up and extract it to a folder on your desktop.

1. Double-Click on SpyNet.exe A text box usually pops up, click no. If the language is NOT English, go to Second Menu, and select some text like Idioma or something, and select English.
2. Go to File>Create Server.
3. Click on New, put your desired name and then click on the name you just created, and click Forward -->
4. You should be on Connections tab. Now click on the default connection, and delete it and add New one.
5. Remember your NO-IP information? Add your domain name in the box with ":100" at the end (No quotes "") So it will look like
6. Put Identification info, but you won't need it.
7. Click on installation and do as it follows in my picture, except the Active Startup, just click Random 5 times.
Click to See Options (Click to View)

8. After that, go to Message tab, tick Display Message, and put your desired info. It can be as simple as "Error! File is corrupted."
9. Go to Keylogger, and untick Delete Backspace. If you have a WebServer/WebSite, and you know it's FTP info, you can do it, but I don't recommend it as it doesn't even work, you have to view it from your Spy-Net, but it's your call.
10. Go to Create Server and untick Compress with UPX, and tick Spread by USB. If you want to bind (attach) another file (like a picture, to make it more beleivable), tick Bind File, and choose your own file.
11. Now, upload your file to your DropBox account. If you don't have one, use this link to sign-up as I get free 250 MB, and it doesn't hurt you. With DropBox, you get 2 GB of ad-free file storage and +250 MB for every referral. It's pretty much like Mediafire, except it's ad-free and you can upload any type of file (even infected, as Mediafire blocks infected files.)

Congratulations! You have created your own RAT. You can test it on yourself. If it works, right click on your name and click uninstall to uninstall it from your computer.

Since your file is 100% infected, use a crypter to make it FUD (Fully Undetectable)


1. This is one of the easiest parts. There are hundreds of ways to get hundreds of slaves, but I am going to help you get your first one. First, upload your file to DropBox, and use this link to make it short.
2. If your server is FUD, you are in luck, if it's not I recommend you buying a crypter, or finding some free ones, although they are only 50% FUD, but it's better than nothing, right?
3. Go to and click chat.
4. Pretend you are a horny 16 year old girl, and ask the pedophile guys if they want to share/exchange naked/regular pictures. Of course, they will say "Yes". Send them your short link and wait for them to click it. If the chat ends, or he says "F*cking Sl*t", then they have a Anti-Virus and you failed, if you see a little pop up from Spy-Net, they clicked on the link, because they don't have an AV and you got your first slave.
Credits: Vlad1k

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Heart Re: SpyNet 2.6 Tutorial

Post  getara on Wed Jun 05, 2013 7:26 am

site plz idol


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