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Heart Anonymous Tools

Post  Vampire_lady on Fri Feb 01, 2013 5:02 pm

Description {bash script} V1.0
Operative Systems Suported: Linux


description of the script *
this script makes it easy tasks such as DoS attacks, change you MAC address, inject XSS on target website, file upload vulns, MD5 decrypter, webcrawler (scan websites for vulns) and we can use WGET to download files from target domain or retrieve the all website...


1. ping target or webdomain
2. show my ip address
3. browse anonimousy
4. retrieve metadata from webdomain
5. see/change mac address
6. generate/change mac address [manual]
7. open router config page
8. slowloris DDoS
9. DDoS javascript website
10. curent world DDoS attack map [honeypots]
11. see if target is ip or down
12. web crawler vuln scanner
13. xss injector tool
14. website upload vuln [deface]
15. MD5 decrypter tool


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