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Create Autorun cds or open some files in cd as soon as CD is inserted

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Heart Create Autorun cds or open some files in cd as soon as CD is inserted

Post  slowdeath on Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:51 pm

Now every computer comes with a CD writer. The CDs that you create using your CD writer can use the Autorun facility.For that , You have to create a file named ‘autorun.inf’ . you can use notepad for this.

1. Execute the executable file in the cd like .exe files

For that follow the following steps :

1. For example assume that you have a program.exe file and myicon.ico file. And you want to run myprogram.exe file automatically when the CD is inserted.

2. Open a notepad and type these three lines in the notepad

3. (autorun)

4. save this file as ‘autorun.inf’.

NOTE:: If your executable file is not in the root folder then you have to specify the full path. (eg. open=folder/program.exe)

2. To create autorun cds for non executable files

1. If file is not an executable file like .xls, .doc, .html, .mp3, .wma, .mpg, .avi, .jpg, .zip or any other file then how to write the autorun.inf file.

2 Let us assume that you have cool.htm file as the autorun file. Then the autorun.inf file will be as follows:

3. (autorun)
open=start cool.htm

NOTE :: when you insert the CD, a small black window will open and close very fast and then you will see the index.htm file in Internet Explorer.

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