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Creepy BT5 fix

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Heart Creepy BT5 fix

Post  slowdeath on Sun Jan 06, 2013 4:34 am

About Creepy

Quote"Creepy is an application that allows you to gather geolocation related information about users from social networking platforms and image hosting servers. the information is presented in a map inside the application where all the retrieved data is shown accompanied with the relevant information (i.e. what was posted from that specific location) to provide context to the presentation."
ref: HERE

I have seen on many forums out there that people are having issues running this application in backtrack 5 R1 R2 R3. After spending time looking into this issue i found a fix that worked for me and i would like to share it here.

Step 1. Open up the terminal in backtrack 5

Step 2. Now we need to remove creepy, Enter "apt-get autoremove creepy"

Step 3. Now we need to remove some files linked to creepy, Enter "apt-get remove libosmgpsmap-dev python-osmgpsmap"
(The above will unistall creepy and its linked components)

Step 4. Now we reinstall the files, Enter "apt-get install libosmgpsmap-dev python-osmgpsmap"

Step 5. Now we can re install creepy, Enter "apt-get install creepy"

I hope this helps people now and in the future who have problems running this application in backtrack 5
(note: This method worked for me, but may not work in certain situations)

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