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Download Windows RT Jailbreak Tool To Run Unsigned Apps

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Heart Download Windows RT Jailbreak Tool To Run Unsigned Apps

Post  slowdeath on Wed Feb 20, 2013 5:18 pm

As we reported to you a few days ago, a group of software creators managed to bypass Windows RT’s restrictions and
run unsigned desktop applications on the operating system, basically
opening the door to a whole new world of jailbreaking tools.

Even though the whole [color:2ef8=#104E8B !important]process of jailbreaking [color:2ef8=#104E8B !important]Windows RT was
pretty complicated, it was only a matter of time before someone came up
with a dedicated solution supposed to perform this task all by itself.

Now XDA Developers user “netham45” has released a batch file that does the entire jailbreakingprocess automatically, so it modifies the Windows RT system kernel without user interaction.

Even though [color:2ef8=#104E8B !important]the software developer admits that some users might get a BSOD after launching the application, he says that everything should work just fine on all Windows RT tablets, including Microsoft’s Surface RT.

At this point, there are only a few software solutions available on a jailbroken Windows RT unit,
including VNC Server and Client, Putty and Bochs, but many more apps
are very likely to be added to the list as new users do the
[color:2ef8=#104E8B !important]jailbreak.

Microsoft has already confirmed the jailbreak,
saying that it “applauds the ingenuity” of the software developers
behind the project, but also hinted that a future fix could block their
attempts to modify the system kernel.

explained that Microsoft would have a very hard time trying to block
their efforts. “They can patch it through Windows Update, but since we
have the ability to reinstall from recovery partitions we can revert any
Windows Updates they release,” he explained.

The jailbreak would only last until the Windows RT device
is restarted and even though it may sound like a glitch, it’s actually a
simple way to make sure that you won’t lose the warranty or get
infected by some sort of virus compiled for the tablet-oriented
operating system.

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