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Multiple proxy(Chaning proxies) with proxifier [Windows OS]

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Heart Multiple proxy(Chaning proxies) with proxifier [Windows OS]

Post  slowdeath on Sun Jan 06, 2013 4:40 am

Ok, those days hackers are more easy traceable than pedos... So I will write some tutorials about anonymity and online privacy. I will start with proxies.

Ok, what you need you need to know for proxies is in wikipedia


Now proxies can keep logs just like VPN I'm 100% sure only for proxies provide in "Hide My Ass". The best way getting proxies is infecting computers turning them to SOCKS and then deleting used victims. You can use Cybergate RAT for this in "Net Tools" there is "socks4/5" this will turn the victim to socks4/5 and you can use it. Ok enough basics now lets go to the tutorial "Multiple proxy(Chaning proxies) with proxifie"

First you will need Proxifier, download trail or cracked I don't care.

Here is how should look Proxifier.
Image has been scaled down 13% (700x359). Click this bar to view original image (800x410). Click image to open in new window.

Now go to Profile -> Proxy servers and there should pop-up window like this :

Simple and logically click "Add" button and should pop-up new window:

Write IP and Port select proxy type and click "Ok" button.

Now add some proxies

* To you will see only Socks4/5 and HTTPS proxy type to add HTTP proxy click again on profile -> Advanced -> HTTP proxy servers...
Image has been scaled down 13% (700x361). Click this bar to view original image (800x412). Click image to open in new window.

Ok, now after you have add some proxies in the right corner there is one button "Proxy chains" click it and then click "create " a new chain call it as you want not important. And drag proxies to it. You should drag them to the name of the chain. When you finish the window should look like this.

Click ok and every thing is ready now you connect via multiple proxy!

!If one proxy stop working the hole chain will stop!
Thanks for reading.

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